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Certs U is a mobile app and web-based database that houses a plethora of certifications held by personnel in the medical profession and beyond.

My story and experience is not limited to DeOnte Taylor. Working in the medical profession is very rewarding, it is impactful, it comes with heartache and pain when you lose a patient, or you console a hurting family, or simply have to work through unforgiving moments on any given day. Having the additional weight and worry to keep track of my four certifications has been overwhelming. My mind and focus is on providing excellent care. In sharing my dilemma with colleagues I learned that they had similar issues and frustrations. For that reason Certs U became a reality.

Medical Institutions’ ( Institutions) require providers’ to hold multiple certifications. It is the institution’s job to ensure that the certifications are in good standing, and the provider’s job is to ensure they have met their obligation. That is where Certs-U comes in.

With societies’ fast pace, and the daily demands on an individual’s life on any given day, having the task to keep up with multiple certifications that expire, in various cycles and timeframes, makes keeping up with expiration dates almost impossible. Even those that boast about being organized find out that their certification has expired.

Throughout the years institutions and providers have lost revenue for not being in compliance with certifications. Institutions are audited regularly by the Joint Commission who accredits health care institutions’ and programs nationwide. During these audits, departments are requested to show proof of the provider’s compliance status and certifications. If a provider is found to be out of compliance the provider is immediately suspended and the institution receives a negative mark on their report and/or a fine. Whether it is a loss of wages for the provider or a fine for the institution, Certs U alleviates the headache by storing and tracking certifications and expiration dates. Certs U will save Institutions’ and providers embarrassing moments, negative ratings and unnecessary financial hardships.

With a quick screenshot or upload to the users profile, the user will be able to store and organize all their certifications in one place. Once the document is uploaded the user can set custom reminders that will notify them via text or email that their certification is approaching an expiration date. A fascinating feature on the Certs U app allows the provider to enter and store their department(s) and/or institution of where they work, giving providers the capacity to group with like minded individuals and certifications, while simultaneously streamlining the audit process. Currently, most providers and institutions keep hard copies of the certifications, in file drawers and/or in binders, and are able to produce them when requested by the Joint Commission.

However, Certs U removes the antiquated “paper search” of doing business and allows the Joint Commission to locate all providers certifications through an online search by institution/ department which will be readily available in the Certs U database.


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    Deonte Taylor
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    Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner
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    Fishing and golfing
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    My inspiration comes from the community in which I grew up in and now serve which is the City of Oakland, Ca. Being a county hospital I work with patients from many different backgrounds and ethnicity's who dont necessarily have the resources or support system adequately to care for themselves. I am very passionate about my job and I take pride in giving back to my community in this capacity. The inspiration for my design comes from being able to solely focus on my patients and giving the best care as possible without having to worry about missing work and not being undependable to my patients and co-workers.
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