Entrant Profile

Afolarin Egbewande

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Company: Dalhousie University

Profession: Student

Inspired by: The province of Nova Scotia in Canada has been more concerned lately about the occurrences of lung cancers. While most of the cases have been attributed to smoking, however, little attention has been paid to the naturally occurring emissions of radon which has also been on the increase over the years. Essentially, monitoring radon emissions has been left to the real estate industry which doesn't have much concerns with the health sector. We embarked on this project envisioning the government or a private industry saddled with the responsibility to produce real-time emission levels.

Similarly, having worked as data scientists, we identify the problems with mining data from so many isolated devices and our scalable solution proffers a solution to that. Primarily, we envision tremendous health benefits that would lower lung cancers within the province of NS and around the world. Government sectors will also have access to reliable data on air, and water quality. Households will also be able to make informed health decisions. The scalable solution gives manufacturers a competitive advantage while consumers are free from the burden of isolated smart home devices.

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