Entrant Profile

Nirbhay Kumar

Location: Patna, Bihar India

Company: IIT PATNA

Profession: Student

Inspired by: The boiling based cooling strategy is widely used for effective thermal management of electronic components and batteries in gravity-assisted conditions. However, under the adverse-gravity (heated component on top) condition on earth and in space, this strategy fails as mechanism of heat transfer during boiling with pure coolant liquid relies on buoyancy/gravity induced vapor removal. Recently, our group demonstrated a completely passive vapor removal mechanism even in the adverse-gravity condition during boiling with surface-active additive based coolant liquid. Surface-active ionic liquid (SAIL) as an additive in coolant liquid showed potential for very high dissipation independent of the component mounting. In this novel design of wickless heat spreader, we used the same surface-active additive based coolant liquid. Fabrication of wickless systems is very easy and they are also cost-effective along with long term reliability.