Entrant Profile

Ravi Shankar Gautam

Location: Gaya, Bihar India

Company: Not Employed

Profession: Scientist

Hobbies and activities: Developing new devices or remodeling existing devi

Online communities: Auroma Innovate

Inspired by: Steering mechanism determines Maneuverability of the vehicle. Ackermann parallelogram mechanism for Ackermann steering has its limitations. It requires complex specialized components. This invention overcomes many such limitations. Some important aspects of this invention could not be incorporated due to word limitation and lack of time but has been mentioned in my patent doc. Middle two gears in central shaft are mounted via common roller ball bearing to facilitate two point steering action (TPSA). TPSA is not possible in currently prevalent steering mechanism. I also have filed patent for compact steering mechanism without TPSA. Power steering can be applied easily in this invention. In the images gears have been zoomed outdue to rendering issues of 3d modeller. Dog clutch teeth would not have been visible. I have generated better color picture and have posted in my facebook post