Pothole Nixer

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Did you ever notice on the highway that whenever you hit a slight bump or a small indent in the road, there is a darker patch on the pavement. This is caused by the sudden drop of accumulated fluids on the vehicles’ undersides.

POTHOLE NIXER is an attachment to the undercarriage of automobiles, buses and trucks that use the natural force of gravity to dispense a two part sealer to potholes. The first part is a liquid fixer that is sprayed in the area of the hole, the second is a dry powder filler that is sprayed in the same place and attaches to the liquid fixer.

When the first wheel crosses a hole in the road POTHOLE NIXER which is normally kept in a closed position with springs, suddenly opens up due to the sudden jolt, dispensing a small amount of a fixer (or water) on the damaged area.

After the second tire crosses the same area the POTHOLE NIXER would spray a dry powder (i.e. cement), onto the wet surface. This powder would naturally accumulate more in the gap than on the smooth road.

As thousands of cars travel on the road, each one sensing (and helping to fix) the pavement,
this method would catch and repair the smallest imperfections before they become a major nuisance.

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