Lunera 6460 SERIES LED Luminaure

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The Lunera 6460 SERIES is an ultra thin, suspended, linear direct/indirect LED luminaire for office, institutional, retail, and other commercial applications. The suspended four foot long fixture, which can be joined into dramatic continuous runs, distributes light 70% direct (down) and 30% indirect (up). Using a only 45 to 47 watts of energy depending on CCT, the dimmable, blade-like fixture fills a space with quality light, making it a highly efficient, sustainably designed, alternative to standard fluorescent fixtures.

At 1.17” thin, the sleek direct/indirect design of the 6460 SERIES allows the luminaire to be suspended from 12 to 18 inches below the ceiling without creating hotspots or glare. The fully recyclable, luminaire is available in three color temperatures of 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K to create a mood or to suit any interior task oriented space. The sculptured appearance and evenly lit lens gives the 6460 SERIES the appearance of a slice of daylight in a room.

With lumen output ranging from 2,400 to 2,700m and a typical efficacy of 58 lumens/watt – offers a marked improvement over existing direct-only linear LED fixtures. The proprietary design of this fixture provides industry leading ceiling illumination and uniformity, featuring up to 16ft center-on-center spacing. The fixture is also 0-10V dimmable and readily integrated into third-party advanced lighting control systems.

The indirect lighting component of the 6460 SERIES spreads light evenly across the ceiling to eliminate hot spots and cave effect, while providing greater suspension height versatility compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures. Each high quality fixture is designed and tested for reliability in key areas important to building owners and tenants. Independent testing and certification includes LM-79, UL Listing, and RoHS Compliance. Lunera’s luminaires are an attractive solution to LEED certification, since LED lighting substantially impacts LEED points in “green” buildings.

Lunera pays particular attention to color consistency in the design and engineering of its luminaires with a three-prong approach. First, Lunera’s experts define manufacturing requirements and specifications for LED sourcing, exclusively approving vendors that can provide 6,000 hours of LM80 color reliability data. Only the top five LED vendors pass this stringent metric. With sources of top quality LEDs secured, Lunera’s proprietary truLITE™ Color Consistency Process is used to screen and blend LEDs within two MacAdam Ellipses. LEDs are pre-sorted based on color bins and every luminaire is color checked and serialized before shipment. Finally, the 6460 SERIES design is optimized for superior LED thermal management without sacrificing aesthetics or light quality/output. LEDs are operated well below maximum specified limits and third-party UL In-situ temperature measurements are published for the luminaire.

Each luminaire has a 50,000-hour life expectancy, that equals 12-15 years of maintenance-free operation in a typical office environment. The recyclable fixtures contain no harmful chemicals and radiate less heat than comparable incumbent lighting technologies.

The fixtures are designed in California by Lunera engineers, are U.S. manufactured, reducing Lunera’s carbon footprint and creating local jobs. The dry-rated 6460 SERIES is UL pending, LM-79 tested, RoHS compliant, and offers a 5-year warranty.


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    Karen Owyeung
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    Karen Oweyeung, CEO
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    The team at Lunera Lighting is comprised of engineers, scientists and artisans. Together we challenge each other to create inspiring breakthrough LED luminaires. CEO Karen Owyeung brings a wealth of knowledge from her early LED development days with Roland Haitz at HP to today's latest innovations. Don Peifer, co-founder and Chief Innovation officer approaches lighting from a designer's perspective.
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