Dust to Dust Printer with Paper in Between

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Talk about 3-D printing is everywhere, however it’s old news.

Every laser printer deposits and fuses a layer of ink onto a page that is easily felt with the fingertips and is, in fact, printing in the third dimension.

The Dust to Dust Printer takes things a step farther. Since paper is a 3 dimensional object, the Dust to Dust Printer also prints the paper.

Starting with nanoparticles, when printing is called for, the user decides the size, shape and thickness of the paper. The designated size and shape of the desired paper is fused at the top layer of nanoparticle dust in the bin to form a sheet of “paper,” using laser or a chemical reaction that creates a continuous sheet we recognize as paper. At normal room temperature the paper looks and feels like regular paper that can be printed on.

The printer uses a toner with high iron content.

The second stage of the Dust to Dust Printer is that one can put the waste “paper” back into the system for reuse. Input, as if into a shredder, the paper disintegrates at a low temperature, back into its dust stage. The metalized ink is magnetically separated and sent back to the toner bin while the paper dust is collected and sent into its own hopper. Paper clips and staples are also separated and ejected.

The system is the ultimate in green technology. It is self reinforcing, with the more paper/ink recycled the more printing can be done.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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