Total Solar Electric Yacht

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The common person's boat, back water hospital, mobile generation station, loitering platform. Has the capability to mount over 3 Kw of solar and 14 Kw of alkaline fuel cell (NH3 ammonia with cracker or straight hydrogen).

The MOG is a solar electric boat created for shallow intracoastal waters and a steady pace. Here are some stats:

Length 39 feet, eleven inches.
Beam 11 feet, 4 inches.
Draft 1 foot, 6 inches (.45 meter)
Air draft (bridge clearance) eight feet, two inches (2.49 meter)
Weight about 12,000 pounds.
6 photovoltaic modules of 235 watts each (1410 watts total)
2 10 hp inboard or outboard electric motors using eCycle motor technology
1 60 hp auxiliary engine (additional speed or auxiliary/emergency use).
Top speed 7 knots. Cruise 2-3 knots.
Full head with sink and separated full standing shower.
Interior height 82 inches throughout.
Forward saloon and aft salon with fold down queen bed. Head and galley are midship, between saloon and salon. Or an operating room and office/prep/scan room.
No through holes in hull below water line.
Probable foamed lead or lithium ion batteries by October 2012 (10 to 20 kw). Currently, standard lead acid batteries.
Alkaline fuel cell slated for 2012/13 from Apollo Energy Systems.
Solar hot water with propane back up.
Galley has refrigerator, propane stove with oven in an Avonite & Corian counte/rsink unit.
Embarking on a Great Loop of America proof of concept craft tour May 2012.
Development time frame 22 years.
Longest excursion to date, 512+ miles (MD, VA & NC) using no fossil fuels.

Photo #252 is of one of the two 20 pound 10 hp eCycle electric motors on Mercury power trains.

ACTUAL PHOTOS, not renderings.



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    35 years on this project & Buell motorcycle racing
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    Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of maritime waters. Self power generating homes, small business, and clinics are needed by an environmentally aware population for daily living or during a crisis. The MOG Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS) boat can perform that task on the water or set on land, being fully transportable by highway also.
    These shallow water self generating powered boats are able to move at displacement hull speed, furnish adequate amounts of fresh made water, while allowing access to abundant food from air, land and water.

    No Totally Electric Powered Solar boat is currently in production that can support two full time live aboard people to include fresh water, waste composting, all energy generation, heating, cooling, drive and communications as does the MOG in the United States of America.
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