Entrant Profile

George Mcneir

Location: Wilmington, NC United States

Company: Mog Canal Boats

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 3

Favorite design and analysis tools: Exa, Solid Works

Hobbies and activities: 25 years on this project & Buell motorcyle racing

Online communities: Badweb, Sportwin, C4

Inspired by: Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of maritime waters. Self power generating homes, small business, and clinics are needed by an environmentally aware population for daily living or during a crisis. The MOG Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS) boat can perform that task on the water or set on land, being fully transportable.

These shallow water self generating powered boats are able to move at displacement hull speed, furnish adequate amounts of fresh made water, while allowing access to abundant food from air, land and water.

The need for a portable, self energized & powered home, clinic, etc is an idea so far removed from current lifestyle, that it is barely contemplated. However, this novel marine prototype has successfully plied the the waters of the USA for nearly 35 years. There are a few hybrid and full electric boats but all require land based fossil fuel or commercial electric grid energy. No Totally Electric Powered Solar boat is currently in production that can support two full time live aboard people to include fresh water, waste composting, all energy generation, heating, cooling, drive and communications. It is the increasing solar technology efficiency coupled with new lower power demand appliances along with a 'human oriented control system' that makes the MOG so unique in the whole world. Licenses are available to builders and companies interested.

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