Entrant Profile

George Mcneir

Location: Wilmington, NC United States

Company: Mog Canal Boats

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: 3

Favorite design and analysis tools: Exa, Solid Works

Hobbies and activities: 25 years on this project & Buell motorcyle racing

Online communities: Badweb, Sportwin, C4

Inspired by: Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of oceans. Emergency clinics & hospitals are needed for that population during a crisis.

Hurricane Katrina and Sandy were proof of the insurmountable suffering endured by hundreds of thousands of people without access to small dry clinics that could have been positioned immediately following the storms. Communities cut off completely by only 1 to 2 meters of still water. As the water recedes, so do the boats or they can remain level with the ground.

Thousands suffered because of insufficient outreach treatment, in their immediate location, that could loiter in an area and visit hundreds of homes a day. Personally dispensing medicine, physical support and mental support is paramount.

Although over 30,000 were evacuated by helicopter in New Orleans alone, more effective search, recovery and immediate medical assistance could have been performed using the shallow water self generated powered boats.

Many more people could have been serviced right in their local area and triaged for a more orderly removal, especially for elderly, juvenile and injured survivors. The boats, with radios and GPS could pass on critical information to air and wheeled vehicles better suited elsewhere.

Boats could also furnish small amounts of fresh made water and lowering typhoid and cholera incidence.

The need for a portable, self energized & powered clinic/hospitals fanning out over large areas is an idea so far removed from current search & rescue, that its critical implementation is completely unseen.

Medical & technical solutions are useless unless transported to the site needed including responders versed in their use. Just helicopters are not the answer, self powered lightweight air transportable boats are the answer.

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