Tire with Outer Rim

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This is a new wheel assembly in a combination of a rim, tire and a hoop member that encircles the outer periphery of the tire. The hoop member is a combination of two rigid circular bands of metal spaced apart and restrained by a rigid bracing. The outer periphery of the hoop member has a tread layer to be in contact with the road surface while the inner periphery of the hoop member accommodates the outer circumference of the tire.

The rim, tire and hoop member are fitted coaxially around the hub such that the tire is interposed between the rim and hoop member. The tire is inflatable and provides a cushioning effect for the vehicle and its loads.

The rim accommodates a valve to pump pressurized air in to the enclosed space between the tire and rim. The tire may have a tube depending on the requirement and preference. The inner barrel of the hoop member will provide a firm grip with the tire outer circumferential surface, so that tire does not slip against the inner band of the hoop member. Only the tread profile on the outer circumference is required to be replaced when it is worn out. Since the inflated tire of the wheels is situated above and away from the road surface, chances of damaging the tire due to road hazards is avoided.

For the convenience of dismantling the tire and hoop member, the inner band is composed of a lip ring fitted by bolts to the inner band and it will be dismantled before removing the tire.
Sufficient space is provided inside the rim to accommodate brake assemblies.


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