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Many people use roller skates, skate boards or even ice skates. Traveling short distances with these devices is fun and good exercise. However, a simple device called WROOM BROOM would make longer distance travel with rolling foorwear a breeze.

WROOM BROOM takes up no more room in a closet or a corner than an ordinary broom. It has only one moving part, a motorized wheel at the broom end of the stick.

Using WROOM BROOM one would straddle the stick which would have a simple bicycle seat and a strap across the knees for support basically providing a solid 3 point support of the rider.

Power to the motor is provided by a backpack battery which is rechargeable and a cable plugs into WROOM BROOM behind the rider.

A simple accelerator control provides forward propulsion or reduces it to make the motor serve effectively as a brake.

When not used, the device opens up to provide a stand for the device.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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