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The surface of rivers has been used for transportation since man first appeared on this planet.

Slither is a way to utilize the space and energies available under the surface of rivers to significantly expand freight transportation in a green fashion.

Slither is a continuous underwater freight forwarding system, floating inches from the bottom of the river, that captures the energy of the river’s flow for propulsion. The design of Slither is such that the water flowing catches and opens fins built into the side and top of the conveyer, pushing it forward.

Since it is a continuous system that goes upriver as well as down, the fins flatten against the body eliminating all drag as it is propelled upriver by the energy captured on the way down.
Slither is snake like, but continuous. Throughout its body there are waterproof containers (not properly illustrated) which easily and automatically pop in and out alternating air filled bladders that neutralize the weight of the freight.

Slither therefore moves at or near the bottom of the river, having no front or rear end to waste energy on water displacement. The whole system is designed to weigh next to nothing when the freight and air ballast are properly balanced. Along its right of way it would come to the surface where loading and unloading would take place at full speed and automatically replacing freight destined for down-river destinations with those destined for up-river. At these loading stations Slither could receive extra propulsion using an electromagnetic push to keep its speed at a constant rate.

Little additional energy would be required since the whole system is nearly weightless even when fully loaded getting its propulsion from the river’s flow with the outside wall made smooth and water repellant so friction is also minimized.

Slither would be usable anywhere the water moves with sufficient depth as to leave shipping channels unobstructed.


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