Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation

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The present invention relates to a space launch vehicle used for launching spacecraft. Said vehicle uses a magnetic levitation system in order to reduce friction since the vehicle floats above rails, like a bullet train. The system uses magnetic coils to propel the vehicle and to move same away from the quiescent point thereof. The aim of the invention is to facilitate the launch of a spacecraft, the time at which most fuel is required, so that the spacecraft is subsequently propelled by its own means, such as rockets. This method saves a large amount of fuel, which adds weight to the vehicle. When the system of the invention is used, this weight can be used for payload. The design has the additional advantage of being reusable, as well as being modular in order to adapt to various types of spacecraft, with 25-metre-long modules. Furthermore, the rocket or craft is launched at an angle of 57 degrees, dispensing with the need to change the angle of the craft from 90 to 57 degrees, as is currently the case, thus also saving fuel.


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