Daring Cross

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Daring Cross is a groundbreaking invention that is both a functional, over-water transportation bridge as well as a tourist attraction and hub for recreation and commerce. Dating Cross borrows from a basic, elementary engineering concept: the seesaw. Yet it will span the New York Harbor between Manhattan and Governors Island and allow passengers to do the same. Once completed it would be the tallest man-made structure in the world when it is in the full, upright position.

Daring Cross consists of two gigantic See-Saw-like structures, each carrying a passenger gondola to 2,400 feet in the air, higher than the Freedom Tower, before slowly descending to the other side. These two moving structures form a large “X” which scissors back and forth between the islands.

The fulcrum for the 2,400 foot crossing is an “A” frame, supported by 4 structures, two from each island, which also is the base of a large platform at about 1,200 feet in the air, leaving open the shipping channels underneath.

This platform, perhaps in the shape of the Globe similar to the one used for the World’s Fair in Queens, is designed to contain restaurants, viewing platforms and gift shops providing spectacular views of the harbor; but the view from the gondola at 2,400 feet will be even more amazing.
Passengers will have the opportunity to disembark from the gondola half way up from Governor’s Island on their way back to Manhattan to dine, shop, etc.

The descending gondolas are gravity assisted to generate energy on the way down which will be used to lift the opposite structure back up. Well balanced, the system would require little additional energy.

London has Charing Cross and the Ferris wheel. New York, with Daring Cross, would attract even more tourists from around the world to see, and ride on, the Daring Cross. When we realize that people pay $25.00 just to ride the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building, the 5.5 million tourists, and countless native New Yorkers would take the DARE and ride the Daring Cross. This project would pay for itself, generate extra income to the city and provide much needed employment.


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