Falling Water with Filter

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In natural emergencies the impacted people are in dire need of water and sustenance. While international agencies and individuals are willing to help, there is usually a disruption of transportation systems. The most immediate way of delivering supplies is by air, dropping it over the devastated area.

Dropping heavy loads and large containers is dangerous to the possible victims and parachute drop involves complicated logistics.

Falling Water with Filter allows the quick replacement of the caps on bottled water, with a cap that allows the bottles to fly and gently descend to the ground with their precious cargo. This cargo, which is fresh water could immediately reach the people most in need. However, the limited contents of the water bottle is enhanced by the winged cap that serves a secondary purpose. Once empty, the winged bottle cap can be unscrewed and used as a filter to continue to provide potable water to disaster victims.

The flying container can be adopted to carry food as well as water and serve the immediate needs of the impacted population. It is not meant to replace the regular supply routes that may be established, but provide for the immediate needs of the victims.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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