Ozone Gap Filler Device

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Ozone layer depletion is a well known problem. Not necessary to write too much about it. If You need more info, please visit the NASA web site, You will be informed.

I'll write about the solution.

When I saw the latest news from NASA on how fast the climate problem is developing, I made a decision to act and give my personal effort.

I have had this idea for years, but technology is now good enough for this application. Now you can buy ozone sensor for 1.28 - 2.5$. Device is lifted into the stratosphere by a meteorological balloon. At appropriate altitude, GPS activates the ozone sensor. Device measure level of ozone. Low level of ozone activates ozone generator based on the Cockrof -Walton voltage multiplier. High voltage generate discharge and produces ozone. Device is automated, powered by solar panel for daylight and rechargeable batteries for the night. The Faraday cage shield protects device from atmospheric discharge.

Optionally, transceiver can be added to the device to send position and data measured by an ozone sensor. Device consists of microcontroller, GPS module for controlling altitude, ozone measurement sensor, Flayback DC/AC converter, Cockroft -Walton voltage multiplier and discharge unit.

- To give personal contribution for world problem, climate change, save life and property, for our blue planet, to help people from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia who suffered the catastrophic flooding.
- Design low cost, low power, efficient, automated, ozone generator and measurement station
- In the same time, control level of ozone, send useful data, and fill gaps with ozone
- If we have a network of those devices with sensors, we can obtain ozone data very accurately and monitor situation with ozone layer
- To make the best combination of analog and digital technology for efficiency and low power consumption, avoid pollution
- Cheap production
- Use solar power
- Lead to other improvements, this is open, non commercial project
- Save the planet, put the names of companies on the balloon

Let it be the biggest commercial, banner on the world, make funds for people who suffer from natural disasters..

- the competition is against the time
- low cost
- automated measurement system and generator of ozone
- good solutions are grouped together
- special circuit selects and changes emitter needles, so device can last long. Impact ionization will damage the needles
- let Google, NASA, Microsoft, car industry, be the organizers of that
- I'll be happy to know that on this planet we have people and companies who take care of this planet
- Many of modules I made by myself, but need more, much more help and money to produce this, with no profit, if some money is obtained it will be donated for people of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. And all people who suffer from natural disasters.

Without profit, let save the planet, that is the biggest profit You can imagine...


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