Entrant Profile

Goran Roglic

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia Serbia-Montenegro


Profession: Scientist

Favorite design and analysis tools: HP41C, HP Prime Graphing Calculator, Tektronix 475A, Tektronix 224A, Sigview software, C++, Mikroelektronika MikroC Pro for PIC32, PIC controlers

Hobbies and activities: Kendo, Collecting old Tektronix scopes, Tai Chi

Online communities: Twitter

Inspired by: I was inspired with vintage Tektronix scopes.
Jim Williams sums that spirit when he speaks of the Tek 535 era:
"The 535's engineering concepts and production execution were a bumpless combination of interdisciplinary technology, inspired design, attention to detail, aesthetics, and usability. It combined solid knowledge of fundamentals, unbounded thinking, and methodical discipline to produce a superior result. The thing just radiated intellectual honesty."