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BUZZ LIGHTYEAR spacesuit technologies TODAY!

Spacesuit technology for Earth:
This technology already exists, but separately. I am putting it together in a multi-beneficial package, and the greatest benefit is HYBOT. It does not exist yet & it in itself has massive benefit is Electron Muscle Stimulation (EMS) PATCHES or TENS units for pain relief that can be activated remotely for use in muscle contractions for exercise and maintaining tone of patients with MS (etc) or quadriplegics & athletic training. In the hospital the cardiac monitors are hardwired making them awkward.

1st Benefit is CLEAN AIR & INCREASED OXYGEN for greater mental functions, clearer mind, quicker thinker, more creative, greater memory recovery, more alert, and more.

2nd - The benefits of Pure Oxygen, but greater because of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HYBOT) technologies profuse the body, heart, mind, skin, eyes.

3rd - Professional Athletes sleep inside of zip-up tubes, but they are restricted to the inside of the tube without the freedom to stand-up and walk around the block. They cannot run to the track or jump or dance or climb if they are restricted to a tube.

4th - Rich movie stars use HYBOT.

5th - High performance creative thinkers need HYBOT.

6th - Wounds are "miraculously" healed and the list is growing for medical uses with HYBOT.

7th - Exoskeleton use will be sought after to accompany the new EARTH SUIT:

8th - Exoskeleton for motion, to carry the weight of the HYBOT units or to carry heavy weight making a person super-strong, help paraplegics walk again.

9th - Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) patches that can be triggered remotely to stimulate muscle contractions in an athlete, patient with MS (etc), or for a paraplegic to get muscle contraction exercises so that they can maintain muscle mass, tone, and prevents stasis in the blood vessels & lymphatic ducts (thereby cleansing the blood, mind, & body).

10th - More advanced Earth Suits can have:
-Fighter Jet Helmet technologies,
-Strap-on Jet pack or prop turbines or rotors to fly.

11th - Anti-Aging promise from current HYBOT research will revitalize the elderly, and the elderly have MONEY.

The basic suit has to have HYBOT for clean oxygen/air under pressure, HYBOT to uniquely move around & not restricted to the bed or a small room, but get out and do athletic exercises & see the world in a healthy environment. Exoskeleton technologies. And remotely activated EMS/TENS patches to stimulate and contract muscles for increased mass and tone of the healthy & ill like MS or paraplegic.


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