Entrant Profile

Edward Sandoval

Location: Hillsboro, OR United States

Company: Atomic Holograms

Profession: Scientist

Favorite design and analysis tools: Microsoft Visio, Visual Basic, Excel, Word, Paint...

Hobbies and activities: Research, swimming, public speaking, teaching...

Online communities: FaceBook, Twitter, DSA, .gov

Inspired by: Affirmations work! And the most powerful affirmations are recorded and each affirmation starts with using your "NAME" and followed by "YOU ARE...!" command statements. The need for people to use Affirmations are vital to counter the onslaught of negative programming people get from each other, TV, Internet, video games, radio, music, cartoons, movies, print... Affirmations are powerful and can change ugly habits into positive healthy habits in only 21 days. Plus, just daily reminders in the affirmations help center you focus on remembering your goals. All computers need powerful programming for positive results.

2015 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
07/01 Cell Phone App to program the Mind Electronics 7658 0

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