Fuel Efficient Air Pressure Wood & Coal Stove

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The present condition of our nation is not pleasant, especially in the field of fuel consumption. Our nation is struggling to meet the demand and need of fuel expenditure. Due to the depreciation of primary sources the cost of all the fuel commodities are increasing drastically, such as the price of all sorts of fuel are rising due to which. Electricity, petroleum products such as L.P.G, kerosene, etc are consumed by us for daily usage.

By keeping and putting all the facts and factors in my mind we have developed an innovative and interesting product that can reduce fuel consumption and increase fuel efficiency to meet out the demands and depleting resources in our day to day life. The product is product of many materials to preserve, reserve and conserve the natural identity of the Earth.

All classes of people can use this classic product of innovation and renovation such as it can be applied and supplied for:
Hotel industries – restaurants, five star cuisines, to the street stalls of tea, coffee etc.
Manufacturing industrial – gold, aluminum, and bores furnaces also where the metals can be smelted, melted etc.
Domestic purpose – it can be applied in all home cooking appliances and can be used in all types and ways of cooking’s.

There is no need or necessity to chase / run offers the petroleum or petroleum products. The fuel used in this ingenious marvel is very cheap easily attainable and compartmental. The sub sources used here are nothing other than bio- degradable waste from the nature like timber, consumed charcoal, coconut shell, hark etc. this product developed and enhanced for the usage of low ignition fuel.

By utilizing this product there is no need to cut down more and more trees. The wood wastes such as saw dust , the lark cover of tree are utilized


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    Madasamy Sonaimuthu
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    Air pressure fuel efficient wood stove with low smoke.
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    My old families are done clay pet business for past 100 years . for some kind reason my old families not continuing this business due labor problem and increasing the cost and economical problem.
    Before we use the clay for energy think. Write now lot of peoples not using this technology. so I am decided to found another options that is the stove is made by ms and clay , means clay will preclusions the heat outer side of the stove and keep the heat inside by the stove.
    From 2007 onwards I am trying to make this product and write now (2012) I am finishing this product.
    From 2012 to 2014 progress I am designing this product and right now I’m finished the product. So the result is before I’m designing this product for cooking only , but right now we can use this stove for multi purpose for example (gold jewel making workshop, aluminum, brose melting workshop).
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