Entrant Profile

Madasamy Sonaimuthu

Location: Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu India

Company: mayaresearchequipments

Number of times previously entering contest: 7

Favorite design and analysis tools: Air pressure fuel efficient wood stove with low smoke.

Hobbies and activities: research

Online communities: linkin

Inspired by: ROAD MAP 100 YEAR AT GLANCE :-
My old families are done clay pet business for past 100 years . for some kind reason my old families not continuing this business due labor problem and increasing the cost and economical problem.
Before we use the clay for energy think. Write now lot of peoples not using this technology. so I am decided to found another options that is the stove is made by ms and clay , means clay will preclusions the heat outer side of the stove and keep the heat inside by the stove.
From 2007 onwards I am trying to make this product and write now (2012) I am finishing this product.
From 2012 to 2014 progress I am designing this product and right now I’m finished the product. So the result is before I’m designing this product for cooking only , but right now we can use this stove for multi purpose for example (gold jewel making workshop, aluminum, brose melting workshop).