Brainwave EEG Spectrum Analyser

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Monitoring of the EEG (Electro Encefalography) brainwaves is important for medical, sports, relaxation and other activities. We have Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves. In alpha state we have physical and mind possibilities amplified. Learning, sports performance, meditations, sleep control. With insight into the alpha state, you have objective parameters to develop your skils. In my practice, I know people who meditate for years with no real achivement of the alpha state and real relaxation. All was subjective. Classical EEG equipment analyses are offline, after recording you can analyse it in frequency domain with FFT. Many of the EEG devices are non-portable, show EEG in time domain. In many situations you need brainwaves in real time, fast.

This construction is based on PIC 32MX795F512L microcontroller. I used Mikroelektronika Mikromedia development board, and made two aditional boards, EEG amplifier and analog filter board. Also is developed analog equipment for real time monitoring and calibrating. The PIC was programed in C program language. DFT was applied for spectrum analyses.

- EEG spectrum analyser module, built in, or stands alone 4.7 x 3.1 inch panel meter
- Fast, C program language, real-time two channel 70Hz range, 480x272 TFT bright, clear display
- 35KHz range for measure left and right ear audio stimulus
- Monitoring of the left and right side of the brain, measure beta, alpha, theta and delta waves
- Brainwave trend meter, intuitive , easy to operate, informative, show resonance of the left and right side
- Find the highest three peaks in both hemispheres, show frequencies
- Show input in Vpp
- Overload warning, and show presence and sort of the noise
- Peak Hold function
- Powered by Li Ion battery (charged via USB), or use external DC
- Compact and slim, fit in the palm of the hand, suitable for all mobile equipment
- Complete electronics is also integrated in baseball cap (with audio control), sfor outdoor

- Fast brain screening of the brainwaves in medicine
- Relaxation, strees reduction, meditations, tai chi, Silva methode, etc.
- Better sports performance
- Better learning
- Insight into sleep disorders

- Make market wide applicable small and low cost EEG module for amateurs and professionals,
- Making spectrum analyse applicable in the real time
- Low cost production and service
- To sell know-how

- The smallest audio and brainwaves spectrum analyser built-in or stand alone module
- In frequency domain you can see all waves, not overwritten by beta
- Person can use it without operator (people with dissabilities too), device has audio notice of the entering of the alpha state of the mind, you have objective control even with close eyes
- Two channel, fast REAL-TIME spectrum analyse at 80Hz and 35KHz
- Uses only 5 electrodes, wire connection (avoid wireless!), universal head cap version
- Informative, automative
- Safe, battery powered
- Suitable for your projects


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    Goran Roglic
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    HP41C, HP Prime Graphing Calculator, Tektronix 475A, Tektronix 224A, Sigview software, C++, Mikroelektronika MikroC Pro for PIC32, PIC controlers
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    Kendo, Collecting old Tektronix scopes, Tai Chi
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    I was inspired with vintage Tektronix scopes.
    Jim Williams sums that spirit when he speaks of the Tek 535 era:
    "The 535's engineering concepts and production execution were a bumpless combination of interdisciplinary technology, inspired design, attention to detail, aesthetics, and usability. It combined solid knowledge of fundamentals, unbounded thinking, and methodical discipline to produce a superior result. The thing just radiated intellectual honesty."
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    Mikro C Pro, Visual TFT, C++
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