Star Ship Holodeck Technologies Today

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Holodeck Technology today
A holodeck, in the fictional Star Trek series, a simulated reality facility on starships. Holodeck is depicted as an enclosed room in which objects & people are simulated by projected holographic images.

Star Trek Holodeck was inspired by New York inventor and holographer, Gene Dolgoff. 1973 he met Gene Roddenberry creator of the original Star Trek television series.

Dolgoff emphasized the importance of holography in the future to Roddenberry including the concept of a holographic "room" for the crew to use for amusement, training, and other purposes.

Dolgoff had won 4th prize in the IEEE student paper contest in 1968 in which he described how such a holographic "TV system" could work.

The concept of a current Holodeck is to line a swimming pool w/ HDTV screen of LED modules. The entire swimming pool will be a Holodeck w/ water as the medium to suspend the User above floor & sides of Swimming pool.

Start w/ an individual swim lane, lap pool. The floor & side walls tiled w/ HDTV modules & rows of cell phone cameras.

Advantages listed:
1. TRAINING swimmer can see his form on bottom of the pool from all angles & on side walls.
2. Vital signs seen by the swimmer as he swims.
3. Swimmer races a virtual opponent, or if the pool has many lanes the swimmer can see any swimmer of any lane at the bottom of his own lane.
4. Beat the boredoms swimming w/ dolphins or hot women under you or either side of you that pace you & beacon you on.
5. Swimmers who need to study can have notes at the bottom of the swimming pool move w/ them as they swim laps.
6. STAYING CONNECTED, swimmer can receive text msgs or a screen display of phone calls while they are swimming laps. Caller or trainer can watch swimmer any time during or after swim session. Swimmer can record his own swim session for review afterwards. Vital Signs can be reviewed visually & a performance program assessment for training consistency throughout the swim session. Bio-feedback analysis.
7. 3D goggles w/ blink/wink control, Heart Rate monitor around chest, gloves for touch control & pulse oximetry.
8. MAP QUEST a city that you will visit & know it better than a person living there because you would be swimming from above or between buildings.
9. Watch a video/movie while you swim have the bottom of the deep end as the entire movie screen.
10. Deep end of the pool a 3D image of the Grand Canyon to study geology or to take in other vistas like swimming over New York City, like superman flying.
11. A vital tool for dive training or Oceanography & sea life studies.
12. Realistic dive training, oil industry…
13. Astronaut training would be more realistic w/ all sides look like space above the Earth, etc.
14. Huge potential for holodeck technology & advertisement can pay costs. Or can look like a normal pool.



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