New Model Wind Water Pump

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After a grand success in America this innovative model was introduced to the other parts of the world. This module and mechanism was mainly implemented by farmers in the agricultural sectors, and in areas of water supply for domestic purposes. According to the survey we Indians are using it meagerly.

For the Indian utility this apparatus is modified and modeled for lower expense and higher benefits. We can utilize this innovative model for a better present and best future.

The hole mechanism primarily depends on the velocity of the wind. The speed of the wind determeries the quantity of water. When the wind is circulated with high velocity over the blades of the turbine, when the blades move, now the blades are connected to the rotating mold. The rotating mould is fixed to a pump piston. This pump piston gives an upward downward movement. At that instant, which is connected and attached to the pump in the bore well. Consequently piston rods of the pump move, that creates pressure due to which the water is squeezed out into the pipe which is fixed towards the outlet of the water reservoir.

Merits and usage :

1. This apparatus satisfies our water demands without the usage of electricity.
2. There is no need for a separate person for operating and maintaining the apparatus.
3. All the functions in the instrument are based on the velocity and speed of the wind. It will work automatically.
4. Depending upon the water source we can get water for our requirement.
5. With minimum expenditure we can get maximum benefit.
6. Maintenance is very simple.


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    My old families are done clay pet business for past 100 years . for some kind reason my old families not continuing this business due labor problem and increasing the cost and economical problem.
    Before we use the clay for energy think. Write now lot of peoples not using this technology. so I am decided to found another options that is the stove is made by ms and clay , means clay will preclusions the heat outer side of the stove and keep the heat inside by the stove.
    From 2007 onwards I am trying to make this product and write now (2012) I am finishing this product.
    From 2012 to 2014 progress I am designing this product and right now I’m finished the product. So the result is before I’m designing this product for cooking only , but right now we can use this stove for multi purpose for example (gold jewel making workshop, aluminum, brose melting workshop).
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