Physical Therapy For Everybody Anywhere

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Physical therapy has an important role in public health. Millions of US dollars are spent every year for physical therapy to help people recover from injuries, help the elderly in chronical pain and help correct muscle growth and posture for children. Medical devices for electrotherapy, are high cost, complex and need a lot of education to use. To receive physical therapy people must go to specialised institutions, which cost time and money. The goal of this project and the final realisation, is to make a universal, safe, low cost, easy to operate, powerful device for everybody , for any place.

Targeted population: People with muscle, joints and bone injuries, elders, children, athletes, therapist, military, home applications, terrain work for paramedics, climbers, truck drivers, tourists, spa centers, therapy on the space stations in the orbit, anywhere.

This construction is based on 20 years of practical experience in the field of medicine and electronics:
-The smallest multitherapy device in the world, 5.5x4.7x2.2 inch, 0.6kg weight
-Powered with only 4xAA batteries,with Alkaline, Lithium, NiZn rechargeable, Solar or external 6VDC power supply, safe
-Versatile multitherapy : Interferent current, Analgetic Current, Galvanic current, Laser biostimulation, -Muscle stimulation, Medium frequency therapy, Electrophoresis, Acupuncture with Laser beams and Electroacupuncture, Acupuncture point finder, Battery test, Laser power meter, Vibrational therapy, Light therapy with red and infrared waves.
-Can deliver 3 therapies at the same time,
-Large Illuminated Digital Display
-During work, charge partially batteries, Alkaline and rechargeable NiZn
-Easy to manipulate, easy to learn

-Make market wide applicable small and cheap device for everybody, home, hospitals, military, sport, making it accessible for all
-Improve quality of life for older people, reduce pain and inflammations
-Prevent and reduce the number of injuries, make fast and low cost recovery from injuries
-Specially designed for blind and people with disabilities
-Improve public safety with devices powered by batteries
-Everybody can learn to use it in 1 hour
-Save time and money,
-To make the best combination of analog and digital technology for efficiency and low power consummation
-Cheap production and service
-Can use Solar power, offer alternative energy solutions, reduce consumption of natural resources
-Lead to other improvements, add new sort of therapies, make voice controlled device
-To sell ''Know- How'' and make money for other projects

-The smallest therapy device in the world with 12 types of therapy
-The most powerful device with only 4xAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries!
-Delivers power as the most expensive desktop devices
-Production cost cca 300$
-People with disabilities can operate this device easily
-Can deliver up to 3 therapies in the same time
-Prototype and Zero series realised in may 2014

Device is fully tested in practice, ordinary people and medical staff can easily learn to operate.
This device is designed to meet all market and technical demands and give low cost, effective physical therapy for all.


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