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Everybody hurts, but the power to overcome pain fits in your palm. Buzzy is a computer-mouse sized device combining high-frequency/low-amplitude vibration and unique solid-freezing ice packs to physiologically block pain. Initially studied for needle pain, the combination of massage and cold provides direct pain blocking for injuries and itching as well as blocking injection pain. The nerve that transmits pain and itch comes to a final common pathway in the spine with motion and temperature sensations. Overwhelm cold and motion, and in the same way cool water soothes a burn or dentists jiggle a jaw while injecting, pain disappears.

High frequency low amplitude whole body vibration has been found to improve bone formation, tendon healing, and even speed ulcer healing in lab animals. The rationale is simple: rapid massage increases blood flow, and allows a speeded up version of the natural growth and healing processes that normal motion bring. Buzzy is unique in that it combines the anti-inflammatory power of ice, and is concave to fit directly on any body part, and is the only over the counter product using the high frequency vibration. In addition, the curved surfaces of Buzzy allow a velcro or neoprene strap to keep Buzzy tight against the body.

The original Buzzy was tested extensively for IV access, dental injections, Bicillin injections in patients with needle phobia, and flu shots. The New 2014 Mini Buzzy can be placed anywhere without a strap to provide pain relief on contact. While massage and cold have long been used for carpal tunnel, neck pain, lower back pain, and injuries, Buzzy is unique having high frequency vibration and now fitting easily in one hand while the other self-administers shots.

The truly revolutionary part is that Buzzy is both reusable and over the counter. Clinical studies have proven Buzzy is superior to hospital-grade needle pain relievers, but rather than make the price high or use an intentional disposable model, we have chosen to keep Buzzy affordable and available to patients. The ethics and innovation of putting pain control in the hands of patients have earned Dr. Baxter the "Wall Street Journal Idea Person" designation, as well as GA Bio CEO Innovator of the year 2014, Health Care Hero Finalist, and MDEA award winner.

The testimonials show Buzzy is changing lives. "I was able to overcome my fear and go on insulin: I've lost 15 pounds and my A1C is down from 8 to 7.2. And I owe it all to Buzzy!"-JT "Now he is able to do home infusions without making himself sick every time. Thank you, Buzzy!"KR "I can play golf again, now that I never miss a shot. I know Buzzy works." -CT "I was able to give myself the migraine shot without it burning like fire. Buzzy is the Bomb!" SH "My father was going to stop dialysis - with Buzzy, he could bear it."

Over 5000 hospitals and clinics now use Buzzy, and over 30,000 individuals, all through word of mouth. Finally, home empowerment over pain!


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    Patients are at the mercy of the medical system, which is oriented to solving problems but not preventing pain. To encourage rehabilitation and preventative healthcare, it is critical that there be no barriers to home pain management. Products like VibraCool can both soothe and heal at home, empowering patients to control pain without narcotic medications. Eliminating unnecessary pain and suffering, and removing the stigma of fear, inspire me. After talking to patients who put off surgeries due to fear of pain or need for medications, I adapted my proven needle pain solution "Buzzy" to other situations needing a fast acting pain management tech solution that is wearable for convenience. I keep going for the people who tell me our products change their lives.
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