Instant Housing Assembled on Site

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Assembling an instant community using off-site construction can be daunting and expensive. Using standardized parts that can be packed flat and erected on site can immediately provide a living community.

These polygon structures can be trucked to a site stacked on top of each other as flat panels. Once deposited on the site, pulling a simple cable allows two three dimensional residences to rise in the shape of bee hive cells. Once the structure is up a standardized wall is installed that separates the two living units and providing structural support for the polygon and containing all the plumbing and electric connections needed.

The next step is for a floor panel to be slid, and locked into place. After that a standard bath and kitchen units are slid in to the far wall where the required plumbing and electric connections can be made. Since the two residential units are back to back, the water, sewage and electric connections could be easily made.

Once all the connections are made the a standard front wall is installed, which includes a door, window, and skylight, and we are done. The next unit can then be placed adjacent to the first.

Should we need to, we could add another layer to the complex by adding a standardized balcony/walkway to connect the units.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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