Hinary Computing with Processing speed more than exaflops

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Using binary number system for process data is the major bottleneck in manufacturing high capacity future processors. In order to solve this problem I have found a new solution. The new concept is described below

Instead of using binary numbers we can use a quintal (a number system having 4 digits) or Ternary or octal number system for processing data, by this way we can process more data per cycle.

Sample electronic representation of a quintal can be 0v, 2v, 4v and 6v (or 0v, 5v, 10v and 15v). For triplet -5v, 0v and 5v can be used. For example in an 8 bit length data a binary system can process only 2^8 (256) but in a quintal system can process 4^8 (65536) bits of information. Quintal system can process a square of number of data than binary number. This technology can be used in electronic data processing. In the era of Ultra HD Video this concept has very high potential.

If single instructions like “shift” or “add” take a cluster of transistors called a “unit cell”. Then an octal number system based processors can execute 8^n times numbers per cycle using n unit cells compared to 2^n numbers executed by binary computers. For example: - in an 8 bit length data a binary system can process only 2^8 (256) but in a octal system can process 8^8 (16777216 or 16million) bits of information

You can figure out the amazing computing ability of new concept using an example of a pocket calculator processor with 1kHz processor, if an eight bit wide binary Number system (a number system with base 2) can process 2^8= 256; then a 256nary Number system (a number system with base 256) can process 256^8 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or 18,000 petaflops of calculation. So that you can assume a pocket calculator sized device (using the new concept) will be thousands of times faster than today’s fastest supercomputer. One kHz speed means transistors can operate at near threshold voltage reducing power consumption to minimum.

In quintal system only 4 numbers of data segments is required for representing numbers up to 256 but in binary system 8 segments are required. Thus same space (number of transistors) can process more data in quintal system than binary system (number of data processed by binary raised to the power of two using same frequency). Only amount of setting voltage of gates is different.


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