Cell Phone App to program the Mind

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My entry is to use my new cell phone application designed to daily program the subconscious and conscious mind toward successful goal achievement, getting rid of bad habits, and creating new habits in 21 days. The App opens a convenient tool for creating “command statement” affirmations using “your name” followed by “YOUR ARE” affirmations. Example: “Edward YOU ARE better at remembering names!”

Create twenty different affirmations each stated ten times for a 30 minute recording. The App gives examples of affirmations in six categories: health/fitness, financial, spiritual, emotional, education & learning, social & more. You can edit your affirmations, and save them in labelled file buttons when you feel and need to review certain affirmations. You can mix & match & e-mail them.

Based on literature review and research, I have discovered a perfect way to EFFORTLESSLY PROGRAM THE GREATEST COMPUTER KNOWN TO MAN, the HUMAN CONSCIOUS & SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. We program our phones & computers, but we do not see or hear about people actively following a bi-daily set routine to program their minds for all sorts of success in their lives. The human mind like any computer needs consistent positive programming.

The gross majority of people do not know how to purposefully program their minds for success, or even consider it. However, people do program their minds daily by watching Television programs, violent gaming, cartoons, movies, music, internet, other people, and it can all be bad.

People need positive affirmations daily to counter the onslaught of programs that need to bare warnings that they are not fit for a large portion of the world’s population to view.

Now is the time that we must start to program our minds in better ways toward successfully improving our minds daily and causing good changes in our lives!

Cell phones are linked to our bodies we carry them everywhere. Cell phones are always at hand making them a handy tool for casual programming. Cell phone affirmations are done as “command statements” to your subconscious mind. Record your own voice first stating “your name” followed by “YOU ARE…” command statement affirmations. Program twice daily for 21 to 40 days programs the subconscious mind in powerful ways and serves as a daily reminder to your conscious mind helping to keep you on track.

For example using an affirmation that reminds a person that they are on a healthy diet is a daily reminder first thing in the a.m. that the listener is to focus on dieting throughout that day.

The concepts involved are scientifically proven and reported by recent research as beneficial to the person practicing affirmations of just about any type. Self-affirmations are good, but using your cell phone for “command statements” in your own voice is even more powerful.

Once the basic 30 minutes is recorded it is causally easy to listen to because the affirming person does not have to pay attention. You simply put it on while you listen to music, do laundry, etc, and all the while you are programming your subconscious mind toward achieving success.


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    Affirmations work! And the most powerful affirmations are recorded and each affirmation starts with using your "NAME" and followed by "YOU ARE...!" command statements. The need for people to use Affirmations are vital to counter the onslaught of negative programming people get from each other, TV, Internet, video games, radio, music, cartoons, movies, print... Affirmations are powerful and can change ugly habits into positive healthy habits in only 21 days. Plus, just daily reminders in the affirmations help center you focus on remembering your goals. All computers need powerful programming for positive results.
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