Thunderbird - Applied Predictive Decision Enviroment (APDE)

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"Applied Predictive Decision Environment (APDE 4.0) Is an Integrated Predictive Analytics Platform software system designed specifically to take advantage of a massively parallel vectorized architecture running on Global Intelligence Corporation's newest 275,600 core supercomputer platform know as Thunderbird that, ingests massive amounts of multiple lingual mixed media information from 127,000+ global data sources, makes an assessment of the raw input, stores data in contextual form for real time access, in real time computes the impact of discovered events and anomalies using proprietary causal analytics and through assessment of counterfactuals by mathematical methods, presenting results of those events impact to decision makers via its advanced 3D & 3D Holo Tablets in no glasses Real 3D & 4D augmented reality Visual Analytics form for the purpose of notification of those events to the Decision Maker, and either autonomically executes an optimum learned desired response using algorithmic means, and or displays the material fact components of the event and action taken or in the alternative suggests a response and then provides for post decision action tracking suggesting mid-course decision changes as resultant response events evolve.

APDE 4.0 and Thunderbird is the culmination of 35 years of work by its inventor George Ingram & New Technology Embedded GP that has manifested itself in 14 years of contextual data at its base and as a result of development of successive generation of supercomputer platforms applied for global commercial purposes, allowing it's users to know the future, and capitalize on that knowledge to optimize financial returns and avoid financial ruin."

The Blackstone Tablet was an 2012 Create the Future entry. See


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    George Ingram
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    IBM Developers Tools, Intel Parallel Studio, Mentor Grpahics VC++ Sourcey, Eclipse Indigo
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    Chess, Hunting & Fishing in the NorthWest US
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    Linkedin (Embedded & Ultra-Low Latency Messaging
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    Predictive Analytics Applied to Global Dynamics
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    C++11, Fortran, Java, CLISP, Prolog, Ruby
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