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The invention is a device to transport people.

Piezoelectric technology is still young and its potential uses are infinite. My invention provides the simultaneous harvesting and using of energy.

Following the concept used by the millipedes and starfish the system is designed to use many legs to distribute weight and propel the body forward and, at the same time, generate electricity for immediate reuse.

We have seen how floors are used to capture the energy generated by the footfalls of pedestrians, ZILLIPEDE uses hundreds of small piezoelectric devices on the soles of specially designed shoes to lift the person and move them forward (or backward) as they desire. As one set of piezoelectric devices lift, the adjacent row drops thanks to gravity. When the lifting and forward motion at an angle is complete the weight of the person presses down on the piezoelectric devices. With that pressure, the "legs" buckle forward adding to the propulsion and generating electricity which is immediately recycled.

The system is not 100% green and would still need added energy, but the combined force generated by the piezoelectric devices and the resulting energy generation would result is a VERY GREEN and unique way for people to move through the city without the need to rebuild the sidewalks.

The system would be especially useful for the elderly and handicapped.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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