Personal VTOL

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Personal Vertical Take Off and Landing (PVTOL) plane is a proposed flight application for Wearable Power Modules (WPM). Primary concern of aviation is safety. PVTOL is composed of three portable functional blocks (1) Power Module (2) Contra Rotating Propellers Module (3) Frame Module (Fig. 1).

Power Module includes an FAI engine with the following safety features.
1. Hybrid output with dual power sources to meet power demand of vertical takeoff and back up (pneumatic) power resource in case of emergency landing.
2. Reduced frictional losses, diversified heat dissipation, high power ratio and simplified structure reduce power-train failure rate.

Contra Rotating Propellers Module generates lifting vector, however it may create conditional spin torques. Four air foils driven by the gyro-controller are used to fine tune the spin. With a handle bar, pilot may change the flight direction under the modulation of the gyro-controller.

Frame Module provides a gravity shift function. During takeoff and landing (Fig. 2), the pilot is in a nature hanging position without the need of using force. In case if the pilot lost conscious, the gyro-controller can perform automatic safe landing process without human interferences.

PVTOL may cruise forward or backward by pushing or pulling the handle bar, a foot rest of the frame assists the arm to maintain a forward cruise position. In addition, a lock mechanism may lock the forward cruise for a long travel distance. The cruise position may be disabled by an emergency pushbutton solenoid circuit and back to default landing position.

A motorcycle like throttle handle bar provides throttle request to the gyro-controller, actual throttle is modulated by the gyro-controller similar to the direction control.

Gusty winds are managed by GPS, video references and gyro-controller with automatic drift control procedures.

PVTOL may be used to transport human, robot or outer skeleton to assigned location automatically.

Please visit for detailed information about WPM and FAI engine.


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