Wearable Power Modules (WPM)

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Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human mobility and capability with smart engine powers. The centerpiece of WPM is the power module (PM). PM empowers various modular tools for many field applications.

For field applications, power module needs to meet some criteria:
1. Compact, light, quiet and portable.
2. High power ratio, energy density and fuel efficiency.
3. Safe, durable and meets environmental regulations.
4. With “power by demand” and many other intelligent features.

Conventional engines are bulky, heavy, noisy, dumb and not suitable for wearable applications.

Proposed Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) is clean, compact, light and quiet. ECE generates electricity to power electrical devices. Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) engine is also clean, compact, light and quiet. FAI engine generates torque for rotational output and pneumatic output for air tools.

Please visit www.kanslab.com for graphic illustrations, animations and other details of ECE, FAI engine or WPM, etc.


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