Personal Mobility Enhancer (PME)

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Personal Mobility Enhancer (PME) is a proposed application for Wearable Power Modules (WPM). Visit for more details.

PME is designed for multiple goals: (1) to provide intelligent mobility for disabled people (2) last mile connection for public transportation (3) to extend human mobility in distance and speed (4) to apply clean and smart engine power for uphill mountain climb or wild exploration.

With artificial intelligence, gyro, camera, accelerating meters and GPS etc. modern technologies, PME has the capability to transfer payload to the destiny without needing human interference. PME is composed of two portable functional blocks (1) Power Module (2) Lower limb walking/rolling module (Fig. 1).

PME has two operating modes, (1) walking mode (Fig. 1) and (2) rolling mode (Fig. 2). User uses eye sight or joy stick to control the motion.

In consideration of the user’s convenience, PME should not be too heavy. It solely aims to enhance the mobility of human lower limb. Proposed PME doesn’t enhance user’s upper body capability, it is not a full blown outer skeleton.

Innovation of PME is the power module. FAI engine with its pneumatic output provides a compact, light, flexible and energy efficient power train. Air motors are much lighter than electric motors, power train of PME with high energy density and power ratio supports the user with heavy tasks and long lasting services.


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