Fuel Air Injection (FAI) engine

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Century old piston engine principles have problems. For example: 80% of air content is nitrogen, intake nitrogen into cylinder not only impedes combustion but also creates harmful NOx emission. For another example: within the same cylinder, pressure after combustion is much higher than before, cylinder sharing results to high pressure exhaust to be discharged into the environment with usable kinetic energy wasted and noises generated.

Proposed FAI engine with separated gas expansion and air compression units for better efficiency. Because of functional dedication, many advantages could be identified:

(1) Programmable various gas expansion ratio could be executed with digitally controlled fuel and air injections. Resolution down to each single power stroke.
(2) Preconditioned, oxygen enriched air could be used to enhance the combustion and reduce NOx emission.
(3) Underutilized grid power or renewable energy could be used for external air refilling to promote grand energy efficiency strategy.
(4) Simplified engine structure reduces frictional losses.
(Please visit www.kanslab.com for FAI engine details).

Fig. 1, 2, 3 represent FAI engine configurations for various tasks. Light FAI structure could be used for power hand tools, bike or small kart with installed fuel and air cylinders while full-blown FAI structure could be used for heavy truck, bus or passenger cars.


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