Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology

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The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor; I also designed a sample circuit for representing decimal system electronically using transistors, which was major hurdle in designing such a system.

is a new computer system that can provide enormous processing power, such that it will provide tomorrow’s supercomputing power on today’s handheld devices. The new concept is based on principles of analogue amplification and programming of computer is simple and similar to digital computers. The high-tech invention is called ‘Hinary Processor’ and It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor.

For higher nry processor there is no role for Boolean algebra, we have to use the normal algebraic operations like +, - , x , , < , = , > …etc.

Addition can be taken care by combining two input digits of input numbers. Carry of addition has to be taken care of as usual. Multiplication can be taken care of simple voltage amplifier. The multiplication is done by following way, reduce voltage of one of input digit by the number of times equal to the base of number system used (if 256nry number system is used reduce voltage by a factor of 256) using an electronic voltage regulator. Then this digit and second input digit is fed through inputs of a voltage amplifier in such a way that output voltage is multiplication of these inputs by choosing single right gain of amplification. Use the integer part of output as carry and number after the dot (after decimal in number system with base 10) should be amplified by a gain equal to the base of number system used. To get the primary digit of product, carry is inverted and combined with result of first amplification and then that is amplified by gain of base of number system used to get the primary digit. For example:- to multiply 7 and 3 in decimal number system, first reduce voltage of a digit by factor of 10, then the numbers will be:

0.7 x 3=2.1

2 is the carry and 2 is inverted and added to 2.1 to get 0.1, and then 0.1 is amplified by a gain of 10 and result is 21 which is equal to 7x3=21; this circuit is for one digit position and for multiple digits repeat this process and add them just like manual multiplication. Shift operation just like in binary system can be used to take care of carry of this arithmetic operation. Similarly division and subtraction can be done by operations like inversion.


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