Wearable Power Modules (WPM)

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Wearable Power Modules (WPM) is a modular solution to enhancing human muscle capability with clean engine power while batteries don't have enough energy density for heavy tasks. WPM is designed to collaborate with mobile data services (IoT/M2M) and extend wearable technology for power applications. Centerpiece of WPM is the ultralight power module (PM). PM outputs pneumatic power, it empowers various modular tool adapters. For mobility concern, it could be used for pneumatic powered bike, skateboard, wheelchair or exoskeleton; other applications could cover power hand tools, emergency rescue tools,sport equipment, etc. (Fig. 1).

The power module (PM) uses propane/butane and oxygen enriched compressed air as fuels. It is efficient, clean, quiet and light in weight; it suits to power robot, personal mobility or power tools. (Fig. 2)


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