Non Invasive Medical Scanning and Healing

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Electrochemical flow scanning of human body

To study how the body works we can scan the body by spectrometry to study material flow and to study electric flow we can use capacitive screen tech and electro phosperence or electro flourasance. For example to study cell division current flow, place cell on a capacitive surface similar to capacitive touch screen and acquire signals from that to a computer display. You can place capacitive surface on all four sides of human to get 3D image of electric current flow. we should use extremely high sensitivity and super fine resolution capacitive surface. Principle of this concept is electric charge of human body cells and electric charge of capacitive plate produces a capacitance by measuring this capacitance we can identify location of electric charges in human body just like capacitive touch screen. Using this we can study nervous system functioning and other body functions like heart beats. We can use human body penetrating electromagnetic wave and measure its electromagnetic variation to study electric flow in human body as electric current interfere the electromagnetic wave.

Spectrometric Human Body Scan

I would like to suggest new method of scanning of human body for finding its functions. This new method uses refractive spectrometer to scan human body internal organs. In this method a ray of photon is passed through human body and detected at other end by detector. This source of photon and detector can rotate 360 degree around human body and after one complete rotation this can move transversely to next area to be scanned in a small increment of length, just like a CT scan or MRI scan. And these spectrometric results are manipulated by computer to generate useful information like 3D images of materials of human body and its internal organs.
Twin beam spectrometry to measure blood sugar level and also for measuring fat deposition on blood vessels.

Quick healing by cell junction protein

by applying desired cell junction protein (a protein that bind cells together)at wound or fracture at bone and stimulating adhesion by electric, chemical, or ultrasonic method we can heal wounds or fractures quickly.

Laser and sonic treatment (noninvasive)

Lasers of two different wavelength are focused onto a fresh wound ( pressure is applied)and make the interference of waves cause a stimulation in cell’s molecules allowing them to chemically bond together for a quickest heal.

Ultra sonic cleansing of body organs like lungs and fat depositions in blood veins and similar application even laser can be used for same application

Two or more sonic waves focused on desired location and superposition along with Doppler effect can be used to resonate desired organs like lungs or veins walls and cleansing of accumulated waste like fat in veins can be done. Process is to throw off waste from walls using resonance or aggressive vibration. Then remove it from body by forced ventilation in case of lungs and external filtering fats from blood from the nearest point in a vein in treatment. For fats in blood


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