Eternal Energy Electric Device

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Harvesting energy efficiently is of paramount importance to maximize energy production efficiency. In order to produce energy freely I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research. The concept is described below.

Basic Construction

This concept consists of one outer stator and two concentric rotors. There are permanent U-magnets on outer stator. There are coil wound straight (bar) electromagnets on outer rotor; and there are permanent U-magnets on inner rotor. One U-magnet on outer stator and two straight electromagnets on outer rotor and one U-magnet on inner rotor forms a magnetic circuit.

Inner rotor and outer rotor are connected through gears as shown in figure.

Gears are connected in such a way that when inner rotor rotates clockwise the outer rotor rotates anti-clockwise.


When outer rotor rotates counterclockwise; crossing of magnetic flux of outer stator by coils of outer rotor causes electricity to be generated on outer rotor electromagnets. This electricity in coils causes a magnetic field to be generated and this magnetic field reacts with magnetic field of inner rotor magnets and causing inner rotor to rotate clockwise. And the gear connection between rotors transfers this motion to outer rotor causing it to rotate counterclockwise; thus self-maintaining rotation. Electricity generated in outer rotor coils can be used for running electrical loads of any kind (it can be used for running vehicles or powering homes and industries). Since magnetic fields are reversely polarized between inner rotor and outer rotor as against outer rotor and outer stator; this will result in more electricity to be generated in outer rotor coils while inner rotor is rotating clockwise



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