Compact Impulse Turbine

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Impulse type turbine applicable with extended tubular passageway is depicted in Figures shown at left. This turbine is made to extract energy from jets of water. It departs from the existing impulse type turbines by having the nozzles inject water radially outwards to impel buckets arranged along the outskirt circumferentially.

The water carried through extended pipe line integral with penstock is brought to hydraulic accumulator composed of nozzles directed radially outwards. The turbine runner is made integral with arculate buckets concentrically carrying on a wheel around the periphery of a bracket secured to the hub of the runner by flanges. The water jets escaping from nozzles impinge on buckets carrying around the periphery of circular bracket and the imparted effect of water jets turns the runner fitted to the turbine shaft mounted on bearings.

Means are provided turbine shaft to couple with electricity generator to produce electrical power. The shape of the buckets ensures that the majority of the kinetic energy is converted into mechanical energy by the turbine. The size of jets is controlled by the needle valves in the center of nozzles. Means to control the movement of needle are provided from outside. In this design multiple jets of water being directed on to the one runner.


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