Ecosense - A Savior of 1,00,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions

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Ecosense is a “first of its kind” technology, which encourages to drive the vehicle in an eco-friendly way. Ecosense evaluates the driving style by monitoring key parameters like speed, gear selection, acceleration, idling, aggressive braking and clutch override and presents a systematic feedback as ecoscore to the user. Also, the scores of key driving parameters like speed, gear selection, acceleration and idling are graphically presented to the user towards better understand of driving style. Ecosense improves fuel economy upto 31% and reduces emissions proportionately.

The novelty of Ecosense is its frugal architecture (patent applied for), where the overall system has been built by leveraging smart phone capabilities and without adding any additional components. This ensures that the technology is offered at zero cost to the customer. The system architecture comprises of Infotainment system connected with other electronic control units through Controller Area Network (CAN). The Infotainment system receives various vehicle parameters through CAN, analyses and presents the ecoscore on the infotainment display. The trip information is also communicated to mobile application through Bluetooth. The mobile application uploads Ecosense data to cloud and social media sharing. The drive related information are systematically stored in the cloud so that user can access information anytime at a click. One of the major differentiators is gamification towards better driving has been institutionalized through peer ranking system. Also the user can share ecoscore through social media like facebook, twitter which showcases the societal commitment of users; Social media sharing along with ranking system encourages and enhances the spirit of preserving environment.

A patent has been applied for Ecosense with the title “Real time driving pattern identification and alert system in vehicles” and Application no. 313/MUM/2014.


Ecosense is based on software algorithms that run, assimilate the data and convert them into meaningful insights. Since it is only a software update, Ecosense incurs only one time development cost of software and does not include any recurring part addition cost. Hence Ecosense can be offered at zero cost to customers.

Ecosense has been developed without adding any additional components which makes it compatible with any vehicle which can host the algorithm. Ecosense technology was successfully integrated in New Age XUV 500, an urban SUV car and launched during April 2017 as part of Hi-Tech XUV 500. Also, the existing customers are offered with Ecosense.


Ecosense markets itself, even without formal advertisements. The news spread viral and received more than 2, 85,000 positive reactions in social media within one month of launch. Offering a potent aid for driver to monitor key driving parameters, to understand and improve the driving habits, Ecosense has been highly praised by customers in social forums.
The savings due to Ecosense for the society is estimated as follows:
Fuel cost savings - 36 Million USD/Year
CO2 Reduction - 106800 Metric Tons/Year

Ecosense is a highly sustainable feature that falls synonymous to environmental excellence and revolutionary in fuel savings to customer, reducing the carbon foot-print significantly.



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    Nandagopalan Chidambaram
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    1.) Mr. Srinivas Aravapalli 2.) Mr. Prabaharan Palanivelu 3.) Mr. Nandagopalan Chidambaram 4.) Mr. Maheshwar VM 5.) Mr. Sridhar Prasad Chandrasekar 6.) Mr. Dani Chandrasekar 7.) Mr. Haseel 8.) Mr. Anand Chandran 9.) Mr. Ranjith M
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    Fuel consumption of a vehicle plays a key role in preserving environment and one of the most powerful influencer in purchasing decisions.

    “It's not a faith in technology, It's faith in people” - Steve Jobs

    At the end of the day, how technology has been used leads to success of the product rather the technology alone. It stands true for cars as well. Despite offering state of the art technologies in the car, fuel consumption greatly depends on how the car is driven.

    Studies by Petroleum Conservation and Research Association (PCRA) indicate fuel can be conserved in the range of 20~30% by adapting better driving.

    Customer surveys indicate drivers are not aware and do not reflect on their driving style which helps to significantly improve the fuel economy. This provided us an opportunity to continuously monitor the driving behavior and visually present the driving pattern to the user to make him/her understand the driving style and its relationship with fuel economy.
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    MATLAB, Vehicle Spy, INCA, Canalyzer, Candela Studio, Bluetooth Compro Analyzer, Android Studio and Mac Xcode
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