Bug-Out Boat

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Bug-out boat, really?

Our initial scoffing aside, we have bowed to pressure from some folks who are adamant about having a 'go to' place when there are unexpected events by natural or human havoc. It can be parked on land, trucked elsewhere, float in a pond or ply lakes and coastal waters.

Pluses of the boat are:

Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS)tm for zero fuel coast and zero footprint.
Slow travel over vast distances is better than no travel due to lack of fossil fuel.
Refrigeration and air conditioning keeps people, food and interior environment healthier.
Shallow draft of 1/2 meter goes where kayaks paddle.
No limit to the boat's range.
Ability to store electrical energy for night or cloud conditions.
Low air draft under 2.5 meters allows access to waterways having a low tree canopy.
No noise from the electric motors allows stealthy passages.
Efficient monohull allows speed and control from dead slow to 7 knots. An ICE auxiliary can be added.
TV, sonar, radar, chart plotters, communications, flir and other sight assist devices are electrically enabled.
Easy to anchor and beach. Video demonstrates the capability (shows an IC engine at center, now removed).
With the water purifying system, rain collection, fish, flora and fauna, there is food supplementation.
The fully composting head negates pump out and water pollution.
Solar water heater for the separate shower in the head.
Full galley with induction and microwave cooking for low interior heat gain.

Take a moment to think about how you could use the MOG TEPS boat for you, your family or community. A great advantage as a humanitarian aid in a challenging situation.

The boat is virtually self sustaining, has the ability to move within the greater marine environment and has a comparatively small natural and visual footprint. With such a clean set of lines, the boat may be produced in any of the accepted boat construction methods.

http://www.mogcanalboat.com/ />http://www.mognavy.blogspot.com/



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    George Mc Neir
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    Medusa, Exa, Solid Works
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    35 years on this project & Buell motorcycle racing
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    Badweb, Sportwin, C4
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    Nearly 80% of the world's population is within 100 kilometers of maritime waters. Self power generating homes, small business, and clinics are needed by an environmentally aware population for daily living or during a crisis. The MOG Totally Electric Powered Solar (TEPS) boat can perform that task on the water or set on land, being fully transportable by highway also.
    These shallow water self generating powered boats are able to move at displacement hull speed, furnish adequate amounts of fresh made water, while allowing access to abundant food from air, land and water.

    No Totally Electric Powered Solar boat is currently in production that can support two full time live aboard people to include fresh water, waste composting, all energy generation, heating, cooling, drive and communications as does the MOG in the United States of America.
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    Medusa solids modeling CAD & CAM
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