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Urban Transportation is a very important matter in highly dense cities. Density creates challenges for urban transportation because of crowding and the expense of providing infrastructure in built-up areas. This is because most peoples who need transportation are the one who works on a regular basis. Now a day’s modern cities use different means of transportation and the highest tech ones use online ordering for transportation. But this has lots of problems and it does not entirely solve the urban transportation problem. This project solves the entire urban transportation problem in cities.

This project is about solving the transportation problem in cities by interconnecting everyone's calendar and schedule with transportation providers. Many studies have shown that modern peoples way of life has unchanging routines. Therefore we can use this routine in our advantage. I am building software which collects the calendar and schedule of every person living in a specific area, figures out their transportation need and provide the data to transportation providing companies. The software also analyzes the capacity or availability of transportation means and allocates each transport based on the data collected from each factor. Since the software works online, it can update the allocation process without human interference. That means let say a person has a monthly calendar and schedule, the software will collect data from the person with his/her permission and analyze his/her transportation need and provide the info to the transportation service provider. If a person changes the schedule, the software automatically updates the data and changes its strategy to provide transportation by adjusting with other peoples schedule and calendar. This software does this for millions of peoples and works 24/7 by planning future transportation need of the society.

Since the software collect data, analyze and allocate transportation for millions of peoples, it will be a game changer in urban transportation and transform us into the next generation.

The basic process for implementation is first a person must have a habit of writing calendar and schedule. Then the person needs to be registered in the site. Also, registration includes transportation service provider, peoples or residents of cities and anyone who have involvement of the city transportation. The software also requires the user's permission to access their private information to do it a job. The software also assists in giving information to traffic controlling government bodies in order to notify which route will have highest crowed and relevant data to be considered. Therefore, this software will be the future.

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