Automatic Stretching and Compressing Vehicle

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Limited space is the main concern of cars these days. Ordinary cars have 5 passengers and sports cars have 2. so this design proposes the car can carry more passengers without increasing the body. This invention is a vehicle that can be stretched and compressed with one push of a button or the sports car that can transform into a limousine and/or a limousine that can be transformed to a normal/the sport car. This is done using a modified car chassis and frame (1), hydraulic linear actuator (2), modified transmission shaft (3), modified car sit (4) and modified car body (5).

The objective of the invention is building a multipurpose car in terms of space and comfort. Many cars are either luxury cars with small space or family/non-luxurious car with larger space. The new design gives the car both functions which the luxury and the family car give. This is done by stretching and compressing the car for more space. To do this the design uses the following mechanism or components Flexible car frame that can be draw out and draw in Hydraulic linear actuator that is powered by either with electricity or manual engage or disengage mechanism A transmission shaft that can be lengthen and shorten with locking gear system An exhaust gas pipe that can also protract and shorten Automatically and manually assembling car body Manual stretching car sit.

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