Mobile Car Charger

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Electric cars are limited as to the distance that they can be driven before complete battery failure; the average range is only about 100 miles. When the battery runs out of power the car is forced to stop and it is very hard to connect to a power supply for charging if the driver is in a remote area. This project is about building a mechanism that can charge an out of power battery electric vehicle while it is moving. This can be done when the electric vehicles run out of battery, the driver calls to the nearest electric car battery supply shops and another car will come to the location of the electric car. The car can be either an electric car or diesel but the car has big horsepower and it contains a very high amount of battery that can charge the out of battery electric car. The charging car carries the electric car to its destination and while doing so the car charges the out of battery until some distance, so that the car reaches its destination. This length of road that the car charges the electric car and gifs lift is calculated by an AI software that will calculate the amount of the battery the car has charged, the remaining length of the road that the car remain to its destination and what percentage of charge is needed for the car to reach its destination without the lift. Then when the car reaches that level of charge, the service provider can detach the charging cable and the car and move on to the nest customer. This way the charging will be time-saving gives options to electric cars and creates work for others.

The complete design has been done and can be provided on request. I also have done the calculation concerning this charging process and it checks out. This mechanism has the advantage of time-saving, gives options to electric cars and creates work for others.

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