Cooling a Charging Battery Using a Heat Exchanger

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This project is about building a new mechanism for cooling vehicle batteries when they are being charged. This new mechanism follows the law of Tubular heat exchanger. The heat exchanger encloses the batteries which are sealed to be waterproof. As shown in the figure, the car has three openings. One for charging, the second input opening for the cold fluid or water to cool the batteries and the third opening for a hot fluid or water outlet from cooling the batteries. When the driver is charging his/her car he/she will also attach the two valves for quick cooling the charging car. Assuming the battery has +45°C while being charged, we can manage to bring down the temperature to a suitable level the driver is comfortable with.

The device is at an early stage or design stage. I have done the calculations and the result is 100 percent safe and will work as intended. The mechanism can be used in any electric car and can be used on large scale or a wide range of scenarios because all it need for the mechanism is a small water reservoir next to recharging station of the car. We can also make the water reservoir in the car itself and circulate the water. Then when the water reaches higher temperatures we can insert ice to coll the water optimizing the temperature. This solution is the best one because I am not suggesting to coll the battery with ice but with water and the water can be cooled with ice.

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