Manual Extension of Pickup Trunk for Road Safety and Space Utilization

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According to AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, poorly secured loads are responsible for more than 25,000 crashes and approximately 90 fatalities in developed countries each year. And on top of that, there are all those nonfatal injuries to drivers behind you and damage to their vehicles. There are many ways to secure loads on pickup but none of them guarantee the safety and this project will guarantee the safety we need while driving loaded pickups.

This invention is a mechanism for pickup trucks to extend their trunk when carrying a long material or material which take higher surface area and carry more load without having the risk of instability in the vehicle under the capacity of the vehicle. This is done by using a manual extension or by pulling the overlapped bed, a roller, a frame, a slider, lower support, upper support, a first hydraulic actuator, a second hydraulic actuator. We often see trucks carrying long metal and structures that could harm person driving behind them; by building a cover structure on the truck we can reduce the risk of an accident on the street.

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