Automated Sand Remover and Drive-through Garbage Bin

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One of the major problems caused by sand storms or wind is the highway problem. Roads are covered by sands on regular basis blocking traffic. The cleanup is time-consuming, require many manual works and not fast enough. The main problem this project solves is the sand problem in highways of UAE. As seen in the figure the main problem is the sand pile up on edges of the highway and small amount of wind can push the sands in the road and the sand pile up and block traffic. This can be avoided using this mechanism. Operators can minimize the amount of sands on the edge of the highway easily and quickly on a regular basis. Since the edge has a small green structure that can collect the incoming sands, the sands settle on the green structure before going to the road. When the sand starts piling up on the side structures an operator can fix the black structure with his/ her vehicle and start moving forward for removing the settled sand. If there is any left on the road, an angled sweeping structure will be used to direct the sand to the green structure.

The design of the mechanism is not fully uploaded at this time due to copyright preventing but if officials of UAE are interested in the idea, all the design will be provided.

We often see overflowing garbage in the streets because there are too much plastic and low weight dry wastes in the city. The main wastes that occupy larger space are plastic like water or beverage bottles. For this kind of plastic wastes, we have collecting mechanism called street garbage bins. But how we are going to dispose of our plastic wastes when we are driving or riding a bicycle or motorcycle? This project answers this quotation. Drive through garbage bin is plastic waste collecting mechanism that is installed between highways of the street for peoples driving cars dispose their plastic waste at any place they are. As shown in the figure the green part is the plastic collecting part, the blue is used as planting trees or plants and the black handle is used for collecting the garbage inside the green bin. This way to collect the garbage one only have to push the black handle into the corner for collecting and putting the plastic waste out. It has a plate to block and push the plastic waste when the black handle is pushed, so collecting the garbage in the garbage bin is done by pushing the black handle to the corner. Mostly there is no garbage bins in highway and most streets and if they were they are very highly apart. This will force peoples driving cars, cycles or motorcycles to hold their garbage. And peoples usually do not like that so they find a quicker way to dump their waste.

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This project is an official proposal to the UAE.


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