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Concept by Balint Szent-Miklosy | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Illustrations by Nicholas Fischer | email@nicholasfischer

Concept: Pickup trucks will be more aptly named once they actually pick up their load.

This product is designed to ease the physical burdens of loading heavier cargo into the bed of an otherwise standard pickup truck. It is intended as a factory-installed insert for the back of a standard light truck.

It would be sold as a dealer-option for general consumer truck-buyers as well as anyone who relies on their pickup truck to haul light loads commercially.

How it works:

The standard tailgate is reconfigured to open laterally, allowing a fork attached to a steel space-frame to slide along a pair of tracks and then tip forward out of the truck’s bed. The bed-liner is also attached to this spaceframe, and so travels with the spaceframe as it slides and tips.

Once the truck is backed up to a load, it behaves much like a forklift; once the forks are positioned under the load, the whole bed of the truck is hoisted and tilted back into position in one step, making loading simple and eliminating the need for an additional forklift. The space-frame that holds the fork might be manually pulled or hydraulically pushed and lifted into its vertical position, but either way, slides out of the bed along its tracks. Once a load of cargo has been readied for hoisting, a bed-mounted chain or winch pulls the space-frame back into the bed.


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