Split-Rail Transit System

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The Split Rail Transit System intends to double rail capacity by using a single track instead of two.

Ever since the Stage Coach, boxes on wheels were designed to carry freight and passengers. Newer, sleeker and more comfortable boxes kept the same basic design concept.

With the advent of self balancing vehicles, it is no longer necessary to use two rails to keep the vehicles upright.

Rail transit can survive by leasing the right of way so anyone can access the track with a single wheeled vehicle using one track thereby doubling the rail capacity instantly and using GPS to get freight and or passengers to their destination while keeping a safe distance from other vehicles using the same right of way.

Getting self-driving/self balancing vehicles on the rail track would be faster and safer than designing the same for our roadways.

The Split-Rail Transit System would eliminate congestion by instantly doubling the right-of-way; eliminating parking and ownership problems; reduce pollution by generating solar electricity in the spaces between the tracks (see my earlier invention in this competition).

The Split-Rail Transit System would create maximum improvement in transportation with a minimum of investment.

Vehicles would be designed for the optimum size for the way people travel, reducing waiting time at stations by eliminating the waiting time required to assemble a train crew.

In this age of maximum employment, finding sufficient drivers and/or conductors will get ever more difficult, therefore the Split-Rail Transit System would help solve a problem before it completely manifests itself.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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